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23 – 25


Panel Discussion SKL219

The Future of University-Industry Collaboration

Date Friday, Nov 29  Time   –    Room Tiergarten

What are the requirements for a higher education institution to live and breathe project-based learning? What does a successful partnership-based curriculum look like? How are workplaces organising these relations with institutions? And what is their strategy to link students' skills to the needs of internal innovation departments? This moderated “fireside talk” will offer insights into the partnership between CODE and Zalando as well as into opportunities and challenges of university-industry partnerships in general and promises to provide inspiring examples. Audience questions will be primal for stirring the discussion and for gaining some truly relevant insights on the topic.


OEB speaker Michelle Selinger

Michelle Selinger

CEO, ConsultEdu Ltd, UK


OEB speaker Tom Bachem

Tom Bachem

Kanzler, Founder, CODE University of Applied Sciences, Germany

OEB speaker Eric Lindig

Eric Lindig

Business Development, University Relations and Academic Partnerships, Business Development, University Relations and Academic Partnerships at Zalando, Germany