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22 – 24, 2023


The OEB Global Plenary Debate: 'This House Believes That an Obsession with Economics Is Harming Education and Undermining the Skills We Need for the Future'

Date Thursday, Nov 28  Time   –    Room Potsdam I

Education is becoming increasingly focussed on delivering the skills employers need. Is this a good thing? As we struggle to satisfy employers and meet the demands of the market, are we losing sight of what is really important? In our obsession with 'Industry 4.0' and as we try to define '21C skills' in an era of rapid, technological change, are we losing sight of what is really important in education and failing to provide learners with what they are likely to need for their whole lives? Shouldn't we be providing the existential skills that will always be relevant and not just the training for jobs and markets that are likely to be here today but gone tomorrow? Are the short-term needs of industry and an exaggerated emphasis on the importance of economics in planning education policy distorting our priorities? Are the latest models right for what our societies and our planet are likely to need in the future? How can we future-proof learning?

Join us at the OEB Global Plenary Debate for a discussion about the fundamentals of education and an exciting exploration of what learning should mean in the future.

OEB speaker Paul Kirschner

Paul Kirschner

Professor of Psychology, Professor, author and internationally recognised expert on interaction in learning and collaboration for learning

OEB speaker David Toborek

David Toborek

Head of talent and Head of IT at Metronom GmbH

OEB speaker Olivier Crouzet

Olivier Crouzet

Head of Pedagogy at "42", a disruptive educational model and coding school

OEB speaker Edith Hooge

Edith Hooge

Serves as the Chair of the Education Council of the Netherlands


OEB speaker Harold Elletson

Harold Elletson

Editor / Senior Fellow, International communications consultant and editor of the eLearning Africa Report