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Pre-Conference Workshop M2

Value-Based L&D Is Not an Option But the Future

Date Wednesday, Nov 27  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg I   Price: 90.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker Jos Arets

Jos Arets

Co Founder, 70:20:10 Institute, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Vivian Heijnen

Vivian Heijnen

Co-Founder, 70:20:10 Institute, The Netherlands


In this Pre-Conference Workshop we will explore 5 L&D accelerators on the journey from learning focused to business focused L&D business models.

These accelerators show the way to move forward and demonstrate business impact and become an L&D profit center.

Over the past decades, L&D has been busy trying to demonstrate the value of learning. However, this is no longer seen as being sufficient nor relevant. Learning in organizations is intended to improve performance measurably and simply measuring the process without measuring the results will not provide insight into realized value. This is one reason the interest to demonstrate business impact is so high in L&D.

In our view, demonstrating impact is impossible if L&D fails to realign its service from a focus on the learning paradigm to a focus on the business paradigm. For this to happen, L&D needs to extend beyond the exclusive offering of formal learning solutions.

To redefine the future of L&D we need a deep, strategic change. This requires a reflection and deep thinking on the current versus desired L&D business models and business canvasses.

Value-based L&D is a new and innovative approach to diagnose the current versus the desired L&D Business Models and to provide guidance in the transition from learning value to business value.

We’ll explore the following key accelerators:

  1. Know what you are doing! (diagnosing your current L&D business model)
  2. Define your ambition! (Choose your desired Value-Based L&D business model)
  3. Involve key stakeholders!
  4. Design your Value-Based L&D roadmap!
  5. Enjoy the bumpy ride! (change will not happen overnight).


  • Introduction to the workshop and getting to know each other
  • Challenges within L&D
    • L&D Business Models: what are they including examples from practice.
    • Activity accelerator 1: Know what you are doing!
  • Accelator 2 and 3: Define your ambition and how do you involve your stakeholders?
  • Accelerator 4: Design your Value-Based L&D roadmap and Enjoy the bumpy ride!
  • After Action Review


We will take a close look at how L&D can move from an Order Taker business model to a Value Creator business model and you will get (insight into) 5 accelerators for your roadmap towards the Value-Creator Business Model.

Our Workshop will be interactive, with self-assessments, reflections, and activities with the Value-Based L&D Methodology and Canvas.

Who will benefit most?

L&D Managers and L&D Consultants