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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Pre-Conference Workshop M1

Podcasts - The Power of the Spoken Word

  Price: 90.00 €   Status: fully booked

OEB speaker Blaneth Mc Sharry

Blaneth Mc Sharry

CELT, NUI Galway, Ireland

OEB speaker Gráinne Mcgrath

Gráinne Mcgrath

CELT, NUI Galway, Ireland


We often underestimate the impact of the spoken word. Interviews, conversations, and carefully crafted documentaries are just some of the formats popular in the educational application of digital audio. Podcasts are effectively on-demand radio shows, and we can learn much about what makes a compelling and effective programme from our experience of radio.

In this Workshop, participants will learn how to find and subscribe to podcasts; plan a podcast; explore the technologies to record and edit a podcast; and produce and publish their own short programme.


  • Overview and case studies
  • Finding and subscribing to podcasts
  • Planning a programme
  • Exploring the technology
  • Recording, editing, and publishing your own podcast


At the end of the Workshop, participants will have learned how to

  • Search, download and subscribe to podcasts
  • Connect and set up microphones, apps or other software
  • Make a podcast, including editing different components together

Participants will be provided with a series of use cases of podcasts in higher education. They will also be provided with access to an openly licensed lesson on podcasts that covers all the topics of the Workshop and can used afterwards for reference.

Nearer to the date, registered participants will be provided with current tools and apps.

Who will benefit most?

Anyone interested in the topic, but the case studies are of particular interest to those working in Higher Education.