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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Panel Presentation LTG209

Creating Learning Cultures

Date Friday, Nov 29  Time   –    Room Tegel

All organisations have a learning culture, but how good is it? If the culture is that training is a punishment, or that learning can only happen in a formal environment, then it is poorly adapted for today, and will not support the organisation. So how do you create a great learning culture that supports learning in all its forms, with engaged managers as well as employees, and leaders understanding that learning is not just a matter of formal interventions? Our panellists have been there and done it, so come learn from their experiences!


OEB speaker Maren Deepwell

Maren Deepwell

Association for Learning Technology, UK


OEB speaker Thomas Tillmann

Thomas Tillmann

Lernhacks GbR, Germany

Learning Culture Canvas

OEB speaker Chris Boehler

Chris Boehler

innogy SE, Germany

Take Your Roots and Walk with Them Out of the Learning Stone Age

OEB speaker Peter Ingle

Peter Ingle

Panopto EMEA, UK

Eight Ways Businesses Get Value from a Video Platform