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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop FD2

Education in Context: The Classroom of the Future, Today

Date Wednesday, Nov 27  Time   –      Price: free of charge   Status: places available

OEB speaker Myron Cizdyn

Myron Cizdyn

eLearning Journeys, USA

Education in Context: The Classroom of the Future, Today


The world of educational technology and publishing is extremely fragmented and becoming more so every day. In the past, the device was on paper and publishers were few. Now, informational sources are ubiquitous, platforms are myriad, and devices are seemingly infinite. In this environment, determining and developing best practices in the classroom is extremely difficult. Join the facilitators as they discuss best practices in education, using technology to enrich the learning experience. They will be working in rotating topic groups, so everyone present will have the opportunity to examine how practice is affected by technology, how technology can be a tool not a distraction, and how lifelong immersion can be created in learning inside and outside the classroom.


  • Introductions and explanations
  • Topic Discussion 1
  • Topic Table 2, whole-group discussion
  • Topic Table 3
  • Topic Table 4, whole-group discussion
  • Topic Table 5
  • Topic Table 6
  • Conclusions and next steps


The takeaway is twofold: a clear idea of the greatest challenges posed by educational technology in classroom practice, and a nascent but dedicated community of practice that is international, multidisciplinary, and comes from all segments of lifelong learning.

Who will benefit most?

Teachers, trainers and instructors from schools, universities and corporate L&D; Professors and Deans of university pedagogical faculties; and educational technology vendors already providing products to schools