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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop FD1

(Re)Design Your Education!

Date Wednesday, Nov 27  Time   –    Room Köpenick I/II/III   Price: 170.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker Frank van den Ende

Frank van den Ende

Gilde Opleidingen, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Jochem Goedhals

Jochem Goedhals

Fontys Hogescholen, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Erik Frey

Erik Frey

Fontys Hogescholen, The Netherlands


In this educational design Workshop, the emphasis will be on educational-design opportunities. Besides having an outcome that can directly be implemented in various educational environments, everything about the facilitators’ design approach will be imparted. Participants will receive all kinds of tools and methods that can also be used in future educational design processes in school.

During the Workshop, the attendees’ authentic educational context will be in the spotlight. The facilitators will use their design approach to stimulate participants to be as creative and innovative as possible by looking at their design problem from different perspectives. What do colleagues think of the design? And what about the students? Following structured, but viable steps, a realistic solution is worked out in which feedback is included from everybody involved in the implementation of the solution.

The facilitators are experienced educational designers from different educational levels who still work in education in their daily lives. During the design Workshop, they will include inspiring “wonder moments” based on their experiences. These wondermoments can be adjusted to the needs of the group.


  • Define design specifications and vision on learning
  • Define learning process and learning arches
  • Design content and learning lines and materials
  • Wrap up and reflection


Making processes visible is a great way to find out what parts of education might need change.

During the design sessions, we will make use of the Groow toolkit: a toolkit designed by the facilitators to make both existing learning paths and new designs visible. The focus will be on the learning process, learning activities, checkpoints, and emotions the students will experience during their learning process. With Groow, we can turn complex problems into tangible solutions that will be involved in the implementation of the solution.


  • A shared vision on learning
  • (Re)Design of your education
  • Visualized learning processes
  • Floormap with learning activities, body of knowledge and skills
  • Design method and materials that can be used over and over again

Who will benefit most?

This Workshop is ideal for people connected to the learning practice of their organisation. Teachers, educational advisors, or team managers - anyone connected to the primary learning process will find the Workshop fascinating!