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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Free Seminar Programme EXH224

Speexx: Beating the Forgetting Curve: Microlearning & AI’s Reinforcement of It

Date Friday, Nov 29  Time   –    Room Pavillon Theatre 2

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus coined what is today known as the “Forgetting Curve” – a term that describes how learners retain only 75% of what they’ve learned. With no practice, people retain less than 10% of what they’ve learned a mere month later. Intelligent language learning platform Speexx’ Andreas Keller will provide best practices on how to beat the forgetting curve, and how, with approaches like microlearning and AI, Speexx has helped its more than eight million users retain what they’ve learned. Andreas will define microlearning, debunk some myths surrounding it and also explore ways that Speexx’ AI has bolstered this particular learning strategy to ensure that microlearning is even more effective for users.


OEB speaker Andreas Keller

Andreas Keller

Speexx Digital Publishing AG, Germany