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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Free Seminar Programme EXH20

Verif-y: How to Provide Digital Credentials Securely and Offer Users Control (Blockchain and GDPR)

Date Wednesday, Nov 27  Time   –    Room Pavillon Theatre 1

In today’s world of data breaches and hacks policy makers have realised that individuals should have the rights to their own data. That the pieces of our identity, the things that make us unique in the world shouldn’t be stolen or used for corporate gains. That the individual should be able to own their own data, control it and decide who and when an entity has access to it. Verif-y believes that users should control their data too and have created a solution to do just that. We enable the dissemination of data between users and primary source verification providers like Universities. We enable users to see and trust this process while also bringing it into the digital world; using cutting edge blockchain technology. We look forward to sharing Verif-y’s view of how your higher education organisation can provide digital credentials.


OEB speaker Colleen Connors

Colleen Connors

Verif-y, USA