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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Discovery Demos EDT118

Discovery Demos - See and Try New Tools and Solutions

Date Thursday, Nov 28  Time   –   

Discovery Demos show solutions and tools, next-generation materials, and pre-release products for learning and training. Various speakers will present these simultaneously at standing tables, giving you the chance to interact on an informal, one-to-one basis with the developers and creators.

OEB speaker Michelle Selinger

Michelle Selinger

ConsultEdu Ltd, UK

MyStudyWorks: Integrated Assignment Ecosystem

OEB speaker Katja Pura

Katja Pura

University of Oulu / Faculty of Medicine / Academic Affairs, Finland

Mobile Mentor in Medical School

OEB speaker Niko Von Glasow

Niko Von Glasow

Jaacoo, Italy

Democratising Education and Defeating Loneliness

OEB speaker Olivier Heidmann

Olivier Heidmann

University of Thessaly, Greece

Serious Games for Building Programming Skills among Girls

OEB speaker Christine Schimek

Christine Schimek

SRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University, Germany

Active Online Onboarding in Higher Education

OEB speaker Hariklia Tsalapatas

Hariklia Tsalapatas

University of Thessaly, Greece

Digital Design Thinking Services for Facilitating Innovation in Business and Society

OEB speaker Yonatan Berman

Yonatan Berman

Movemathics, Germany

Movemathics: Math Meets Movement

OEB speaker Erin Cawley

Erin Cawley

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy, USA

Learn to Code, Learn to Create With Carnegie Mellon University's CS Academy

OEB speaker Peter Ingle

Peter Ingle

Panopto EMEA, UK