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27 – 29, 2024

Pre-Conference Workshop A5

DistancE-Learning in Europe - Exchange of Experience and Knowledge Sharing

Date Wednesday, Nov 27  Time   –    Room Lincke   Price: free of charge   Status: fully booked

OEB speaker John Trasler

John Trasler

President, EADL, UK

OEB speaker Jens Greefe

Jens Greefe

Chairman of EADL, Member of the Board, Director of Studies, European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter, Germany

OEB speaker Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler

Learning Innovations Consultant, UK

OEB speaker Paul Hearn

Paul Hearn

Knowledge and Change Management, European Commission, Belgium


With this workshop, we intend to create an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing for all participants who offer programmes for lifelong learning and vocational education using distance-learning methods.

The intention is to establish an international forum, enabling the participants to develop a position regarding the variety of technological developments for digital teaching and learning programmes in the field of distance learning.


  • Welcome - Jens Greefe, EADL and Forum DistancE-Learning
  • Introduction and moderation - John Trasler, EADL
  • Distance Learning in Europe - Paul Hearn, European Commission
  • Blockchain Technology and Certificates in Education
  • The Future of Distance Learning - Steve Wheeler


  • Gaining information about the distance education markets in Europe
  • Understanding the relevance of blockchain technology in education
  • Receiving knowledge of the impact of technology on distance learning programs
  • Expanding networks and supporting the sharing of knowledge in Distance Education
  • Get together in an international framework

Who will benefit most?

Distance Education experts who want to expand their network and share their knowledge with others and anyone who is interested in distance learning methods as well. The workshop is especially for those who work in the adult education business.