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23 – 25


Pre-Conference Workshop A2

Exploring Futures Methods and Practices

  Price: 90.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander

Founder and Principal, Futurist, researcher, writer and teacher at Georgetown University / Bryan Alexander Consulting, USA


This Workshop introduces participants to several leading forecasting methods. They include horizon scanning, trends analysis, and scenario creation.  The facilitator will demonstrate each method with examples from within academia as well as from the larger world.

The session is very interactive, combining presentation, discussion, and hands-on work.

Participants will conclude the Workshop with greater understanding of futures thinking. They will be able to develop forecasting capacity within their organizations.


  • Introductions
  • Futures and forecasting - a presentation on the field, focused on the present state of the art.
  • Method - Environmental scanning is examined through examples, followed by an exercise using it.
  • Method - Trends analysis is examined through examples, followed by an exercise using it that builds on findings from the environmental scanning section.
  • Method - Scenario creation. Role-playing several scenarios for the future of education are followed by the creation of scenarios based on the trends previously identified.
  • Implementation - How can these methods be applied in our respective organisations?


Participants will learn about cutting-edge forecasting methods. They will understand the limits and affordances of each. They will also be able to apply these methods with their organizations, developing futures capacity.

Who will benefit most?

Anyone interested in the topic.