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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Pre-Conference Workshop A1

Are You Talking to Me? Learn How to Design a Chatbot

  Price: 90.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker Joitske Hulsebosch

Joitske Hulsebosch

Ennuonline, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Steven van Luipen

Steven van Luipen

Van Luipen Advies, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Natasja van Schaik

Natasja van Schaik

Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Chatbots are a new phenomenon in L&D. Many professionals in higher education and L&D don’t know what they are or what they can achieve, and hence do not think about the design of the bot. Or if they have an idea to design a bot, they may not know the steps to take.

In this Workshop, participants will get to know the world of bots, what it takes to design one (with its own personality), and how to work out a conversation flow. Besides learning about bots, they will also work on the design of a bot. In small groups, they will develop a first prototype of a bot.


  • Introduction to the world of bots
  • Design a bot
  • The conversation flow
  • Designing a conversation flow for your bot
  • Introduction to 3 chatbot platforms
  • Building a prototype


  • Knowledge of existing bots and potential for L&D
  • A better idea of the various design steps in developing a chatbot
  • Experience of the design of a conversation flow
  • Knowledge of one chatbot platform
  • A prototype of a bot

Who will benefit most?

The Workshop is interesting for people from L&D and education alike, as well as both developers and non-developers.