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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Panel SKI111

EPICA: Strategic Partnerships For Co-Design of Innovative and Scalable ePortfolios

African economies are growing and technological change is the engine of growth. To sustain growth, however, Africans need new skills, education and knowledge to match the challenges and technology of tomorrow. African students need the skills and capabilities employers will demand and markets will prize in the future. To meet this challenge, EPICA, a strategic partnership between Europe and Africa, is bringing together businesses, organisations and universities in both Europe and Africa to design an innovative, scalable ePortfolio, which will improve the quality, visibility and availability of new skills. Join the leaders of the project to hear about results and the road ahead.

OEB speaker Rosa García Calero

Rosa García Calero

Director of Programme eLearning Africa, Spain

OEB speaker Paul Birevu Muyinda

Paul Birevu Muyinda

Makarere University, Uganda

OEB speaker Jean-Baptiste Milon

Jean-Baptiste Milon

ICDE - International Council For Open And Distance Education,

OEB speaker Michael Opiyoh

Michael Opiyoh

University of Maseno, Kenya

OEB speaker Beatrice Okoth

Beatrice Okoth

University of Maseno, Kenya