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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020


Workplace Learning: Science, Data and Good Practice

Schooling tells us that studying is largely about memorizing and regurgitating information on demand, and that people are born smart or otherwise. None of this reflects either what we know about the mind, or how we learn in life and at work. In this plenary session, we explore how to make the most of our natural ability to learn, what inspires people to learn at work – or not – and what we could do to ensure a smarter approach to workplace learning, both as individuals and as employers. There will expert speakers, but also conversation, so come prepared to make your own contribution!


OEB speaker Donald H. Taylor

Donald H. Taylor

Chair, Learning Technologies Conference, UK


OEB speaker Ulrich Boser

Ulrich Boser

Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and Founder of The Learning Agency, USA

OEB speaker Hannah Gore

Hannah Gore

Talent Development Manager at Solera, Inc., UK

OEB speaker Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Global Head, Learning Centre of Excellence and Novartis Universities at Novartis, Switzerland