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27 – 29, 2024

Panel OER75

Taking OER from Commitment to Action

Date Friday, Dec 7  Time   –    Room Potsdam I

Panel speakers from different sectors will share examples showing the potential of Open Educational Resources. Audience members will be invited to join in a general discussion on the future of OER.

OEB speaker Jan Pawlowski

Jan Pawlowski

Professor Business Information Systems, Hochschule Ruhr West / University of Jyväskylä, Germany

Open Up Your Project: How to Utilise Open Educational Resources in Projects and Organisations

OEB speaker Ebba Ossiannilsson

Ebba Ossiannilsson

Vice President, Swedish Association for Distance Education and ICDE, Sweden

OEB speaker Knut Inge Skifjeld

Knut Inge Skifjeld

Project Manager, Explore, Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA), Norway

OEB speaker Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal

Cecilie Isaksen Eftedal

Head of User Aspects, Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA), Norway

OEB speaker Markus Bick

Markus Bick

ESCP Europe Business School, Germany