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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop M6

Summit: Cultivating Lifelong Learners

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Workshop leader

OEB speaker Myron Cizdyn

Myron Cizdyn

eLearning Journeys, Poland


Everyone believes in lifelong learning. But what does this mean in the real world? How do learning standards translate into a lifelong process and not into a mere list of granular skills to achieve for a specific goal?  We feel that Lifelong Learning Standards are a great starting point to discuss how to cultivate lifelong learners by fostering intrinsic motivation, making change the constant, and making learning part of a community. This community includes a great variety of mentors, teachers, and content generators working with learners... and being learners themselves.

Imagine taking half a day and discussing lifelong learning without once discussing a grade-specific or job-specific skill or competency. Imagine discussing subjects that pertain to every learner, at every stage of life, education, and socioeconomic situation. Now, imagine attending such a workshop with decision-makers and specialists from across the learning spectrum: instructional designers, training leaders, teachers, administrators... in a small group setting and with a highly interactive format.

This Pre-Conference workshop begins with a general introduction and then divides into eight small groups. Each group is led by a facilitator expert in the traits of lifelong learning, and each group discusses four of the following eight lifelong learning standards:

  • Possess core knowledge on which to build future learning
  • Set and carry out personal learning goals 
  • Acquire, analyse, organise, and evaluate information from a variety of sources 
  • Persevere in difficult situations 
  • Demonstrate the habits of continuous improvement 
  • Self-assess progress, evaluates actions, and adjust as needed 
  • Engage in tasks even when answers or solutions are not immediately apparent 
  • View situations outside the boundaries of standard conventions

Each group will discuss what these skills mean in their school, their workplace, and their environments. Facilitators will come from school, higher education, medical & wellness, business, corporate training, educational technology, and content providers. The goal is to find the common threads that can be applied at all stages and in all phases, to cultivate learners in a holistic way and to work together to generate not just better test results, but a more informed, ethical, and productive society.

At the end of the Workshop, everyone will reassemble for a review of lessons learned and a discussion of next steps and how we will apply them in our lives. Lifelong learning requires that we view ourselves not just as leaders, but as learners. Register for our workshop and eliminate the distinction between learner and leader. 

Target audience

  • Ministries & Government
  • NGOs
  • Administrators
  • Practitioners
  • Content Providers
  • Employers & HR
  • Startups & Innovation
  • Technology & Hardware Providers


A deeper understanding of the commonalities of learning, so all participants can begin to develop best practices that can be applied to learners in all segments. A white paper will be generated after the conference based on the Workshop.


08:30 Gathering and Introductions
09:15 Discussion 1
09:35 Discussion 2
09:55 Coffee Break
10:40 Discussion 3
11:00 Discussion 4
11:20 Interactive Discussions of Lessons Learned among the Facilitators
12:00 Q&A