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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop M5

Pragmatic Learning Magic: How to Use the Instructional Design Variation Matrix

  Price: 95.00 €   Status: fully booked

Workshop leader

OEB speaker Inge de Waard

Inge de Waard

InnoEnergy and Open University, UK, Belgium


As instructional designers and online educators, we love learning. However, our workloads are increasing, and as human beings, we may have our training/instructional preferences. These two realities make it difficult to consider the diverse variety of options available that are relevant to learning needs in specific circumstances.

Bring your ID challenge to this workshop, and we will collaboratively find a fitting solution using the Instructional Variation Matrix (IDV matrix), written by Inge de Waard.

This Pre-Conference Workshop takes what you already use/do in your trainings or classes and will help you zoom in on specific elements for improvement to lift your learners to the next level. The IDV matrix uses opposing learning parameters to map out instructional design options for a variety of learning environments and actions. Among them are

  • individual versus social learning
  • formal versus informal learning
  • cheap versus expensive ID solutions
  • standardised learning versus contextualized learning

The IDV matrix lists single tools, but also includes more complex combinations, e.g. escape box, 360 degrees learning, teacherbots.

The Workshop will be structured so that you can learn from each other and offer solutions. You will examine and broaden your existing mode of instruction with your specific target group and course goals in mind. Join and discover learning alternatives to add to your existing knowledge, and - best of all - start implementing what is of immediate use!

Target audience

We expect the participants will include instructional designers; educators giving online, blended courses; trainers designing on-the-workfloor or in-the-field courses, and other professionals from related fields. An intermediate level of expertise is recommended.


The Workshop will provide you with an overview of what the Instuctional Design Variation Matrix is and what it can do.

You will use it and find out more about the type of learning you are currently using/applying/undertaking (and unconsciously repeating). You will take home a template to (re)develop your courses and/or trainings.

The IDV matrix offers insights into different types of instructional and learning design and can also have a positive impact on the evolution and deployment of blended or online learning approaches. It has been developed by an e-learning expert with 15+ years of experience in a wide variety of online and blended-learning settings on the international level, including mobile learning, MOOCs, e-learning, and SPOCs.