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23 – 25


Panel HEF13

Higher Education is a Waste of Time and Money and EdTech Won’t Fix That

Join this panel for a lively discussion of one of this year’s OEB themes, "Will there be a new golden age for higher education? In his book “The Case Against Education,” Bryan Caplan argues that the added value of higher education to society is so small that it does not represent a sufficient Return On Investment to justify its current existence. His proposed solution is a radical one: we need less (spending on) higher education and more vocational education. Both sceptics and supporters of the view that learning technologies can successfully address the problems of higher education will consider if and how learning technologies can be used to address the shortcomings of higher education both from within and outside the system, as well as the relative merits of higher education versus vocational education. You are invited to contribute to our exchange on this controversial subject!


OEB speaker Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan

Head of Online Learning Innovation, Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland


OEB speaker Donald Clark

Donald Clark

eLearning Expert and Strategist, PlanBLearning, UK

OEB speaker Mike Feerick

Mike Feerick

CEO & Founder, ALISON, Ireland

OEB speaker Willem van Valkenburg

Willem van Valkenburg

Manager Teaching & Learning Services, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Nina Huntemann

Nina Huntemann

Director of Academics and Research, edX, USA