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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Free Seminar Programme FSP218

Think Like a Marketer: How L&D can Drive Learning Engagement using Basic Marketing Tactics

When a product or business has a bad reputation, the first step is for marketing to swoop in and educate the market. For learning and development professionals, it’s time to channel that same mindset with your employees. In this session, we will share how L&D teams can define their unique value and outline the key marketing tactics that drive learning adoption and increase employee engagement. We will highlight real-life initiatives that have garnered lasting success, including dedicated, company-wide learning hours, executive sponsorship and promotion, incentive programs and reinvigorated messaging and branding.
• How L&D professionals can change the negative connotation associated with learning and development
• What a marketing framework looks like for L&D professionals to drive learning engagement
• How to prioritize initiatives based on business goals
• What key messages define the unique value of learning and development

OEB speaker Yvonne Chen

Yvonne Chen

Udemy for Business, USA