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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Free Seminar Programme FSP217

Digital Transformation with Language learning

Disruption is the catalyst of digital transformation. As a result of new technologies and globalization, competition has become more fierce and unpredictable. Organizations struggle to remain relevant and are keen on discovering new strategies to boost performance and efficiency enabled by digital technology. As a global organization, you may already boast innumerable benefits from a diverse workforce, but can you ensure that they’re working as efficiently as they could? In this presentation, you’ll discover:
• Insights into aligning your L&D initiatives with the global business environment and your overall business strategy
• The importance of language and communication skills in global organizations
• The role of digital learning in ensuring global competence and alignment
• How to deploy effective and personalized digital learning tools to meet these needs

OEB speaker Evgeny Boychuk

Evgeny Boychuk

goFLUENT GmbH, Germany