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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Free Seminar Programme FSP207

Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies to Bridge the ‘Learning - Doing’ Gap, AR, VR and More!

Bridging the ‘Learning-Doing’ gap has always been a challenge for organisations – often there is a time gap between training initiatives and the application, or a disconnect between the training environment and the real world.

Traditional methods to overcome this gap have been through printed job-aids or manuals. With technology/devices becoming ubiquitous and less expensive, it’s become much easier to design performance support and refresher learning at the point-of-performance.

In this session SiyonaTech will showcase a few award-winning examples of effective point-of-performance solutions
• Augmented Reality (AR) based support on the operation, repair maintenance of Dell laptops
• Augmented Reality (AR) based SmartGlasses support for Food Safety inspections
• SmartPhone based intelligent support for Air Traffic Operators
• Cabin Fire refresher in Virtual Reality (VR)
• ChatBots for Diabetes awareness.

OEB speaker Michelle Huebchen

Michelle Huebchen

Siyona Tech Ltd., Germany