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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Free Seminar Programme FSP206

Why All the Red Tape? – Seamless Security at Industrial Sites

At an industrial site, it’s important to know who can be where. Keeping track of clearances and competency has always been a time consuming and complex task. Munio Access to Industry removes manual operations previously stealing valuable time. Standardized training can be combined with specific competencies needed at high risk locations. Personnel can be cleared across several sites. Requisitions and communication with access card systems included.
• How does self-service reduce red tape?
• How to handle diverse safety & security levels
• How to standardize HSE training and still be flexible
• What about access cards and readers?
• How does this affect the value chain?

OEB speaker Eddy Robertsen

Eddy Robertsen

Munio AS, Norway