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Panel DAT06

Approaches to the Use of AI in Learning

Date Thursday, Dec 6  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg I

What is hype and what is the reality of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital learning? Furthermore, what is the state of play? One contention is that AI can be used to enhance learning, augmenting human intelligence to help us learn better and faster. Another claim is that by taking advantage of the technological revolution, children will be able to find their own individual ways of learning and generating creativity; the victim is rote memorisation. A third view, perhaps a bit more conservative, seeks a learning model that combines online educational content with immersive, real-world teaching, while simultaneously creating an intelligent AI-based learning tool that will help students achieve their potential. Join the fray.

OEB speaker Gunay Kazimzade

Gunay Kazimzade

Research Assistant, TU Berlin, Germany

The Future of AI in Education: Addressing Bias and Inclusion

OEB speaker Wayne Holmes

Wayne Holmes

Center for Curriculum Redesign, UK

Learning with Artificial Intelligence

OEB speaker Marie Lou Papazian

Marie Lou Papazian

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, Armenia

Inventing the Future of Learning: Coaching, Personalisation and AI

OEB speaker Claus Biermann

Claus Biermann

Area9 Lyceum, Denmark

Artificial Intelligence and Learning: Myths, Limits and the Real Opportunities

OEB speaker Wei Zhou

Wei Zhou

CEO, Yixue Squirrel AI Learning, China


OEB speaker Alvaro Soto

Alvaro Soto

Communication design, Texas State University, USA