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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Knowledge Factory CEC37

Reframing Digital Literacies:
Beyond Flashy, Flimsy and Faddish Models

This interactive Knowledge Factory argues that discussions about digital literacies in the context of shaping the future of learning would benefit from a type of double vision—utopia and dystopia. In framing the discussion we explore: what is being said about digital literacy? Who is shaping the digital literacy agenda and for what purpose? What is missing in the discourse? There are no easy answers to these questions as the digital literacy movement is far more complex than simple dichotomies of good or bad. The key point is that there are competing drivers and languages of persuasion entangled in interwoven and contradictory perspectives. Through a critical analysis of existing models and frameworks the session invites participants to consider the hidden curriculum and go off the rails when engaging in debates about the nature of digital skills, literacies or capabilities. The objective is to raise greater critical awareness of the risks and dangers of promoting specific definitions of digital literacies which often fail to reflect the deeper role of education in developing active citizenry for an uncertain future.


OEB speaker Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Dublin City University, Ireland