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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop A4

Flipped Classroom Design through Open Online Sources: Full Immersion

  Price: 95.00 €   Status: places available

Workshop leaders

OEB speaker Iuliia Shnai

Iuliia Shnai

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

OEB speaker Arnob Khan

Arnob Khan

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

OEB speaker Leonid Chechurin

Leonid Chechurin

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland


This Pre-Conference Workshop, which is structured as a flipped event, introduces you to flipped classroom design through open educational resources and provides practical support to develop and apply new flipped-classroom design skills.

Using open online sources is a cost-effective approach that can lead to positive learning outcomes. We will provide you with an overview of existing free online tools and their most effective implementation in your future flipped classroom.

These tools will include:

  • Powtoon for animation development
  • EdPuzzle for video with embedded questions
  • Screencast-o-matic for simple voiceover video creation
  • GoConqr for creating quizzes and roadmaps
  • Thinkific learning-management system for your online course or your online school
  • Strikingly for website development, course sharing and hosting course materials
  • Other free content on platforms such as Ted

As a flipped Workshop, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with materials before OEB; our time at the conference will be devoted primarily to practical activities. The actual tools with which we will experiment at OEB are to be selected based on your opinions and preferences gathered prior to the conference.

Guided by an expert team of facilitators, you will work in groups and address specific design challenges. In addition, time will be devoted to trials, both individual and in a group setting.

Finally, at the end of the Workshop, we will evaluate the event itself from the perspective of instructional design (ist preparation, active group work and your trials with new tools).

Target audience

Higher education and professional education/learning professionals at the beginner and intermediate level who are interested in or are already working with flipped classroom course design


This genuine flipped classroom experience will allow you, as an educator or learning professional, to take the perspective of the learner, as well as offer free practical tools and tips to enhance your skills. It will give beginners insight into flipped classroom creation via open online tools as well as provide more advanced ideas to implement in existing course design.

Note: Please bring your laptop in order to make the most of your participation!