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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop A3

The Future of (e) Learning - A Deep Dive into Future Learning Scenario's Using Foresight Techniques

Date Wednesday, Dec 5  Time   –    Room Bishop   Price: 95.00 €   Status: fully booked

Workshop leader

OEB speaker Tom Wambeke

Tom Wambeke

International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITC-ILO), Italy


“If we always do what we have always done, we will get what we’ve always got.”    - Adam Urbanski

Organisations need to adapt, survive, innovate and renew themselves in an environment of continuous change. The challenges they face cannot be met by solutions that may have worked in the past. This is the entry point for an interactive Pre-Conference Workshop that will immerse you in a sound set of qualitative foresight tools and processes that envision the future of learning. At conferences, we are overwhelmed with the latest trends in technology-enhanced learning without knowing how we connect these emerging visions with the potential implications for our own organisation, institution, or professional context. To help rectify this situation, we would like to explore a set of foresight tools that can guide inspiring conversations on the future of learning.

Through these future conversations, participants become aware of the potential of possible, probable, or alternative futures, and explore how they might influence organisational change and contribute to the creation of strategies that pave the way for desired change.

Target audience

Everyone interested in sharing their thinking and practice vis-à-vis new workplace learning in formal and non-formal learning settings from the workplace-learning sector, education institutions, the policy sector, and governmental organisations


Tools that will be explored include scenario thinking, future wheels, causal layered analysis, horizon scanning, future artefacts, and ‘what-if’ scenarios.


15:00 - Welcome & Introduction
  Experts’ Talk – Interviews and Discussion
  Open Space: 1st Round
  Coffee Break
  Open Space: 2nd Round
  Reporting to the Plenum – Final Discussion & Farewell