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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Pre-Conference Workshop M3

Future Happens– Hack your Way to Influencing and Changing Pedagogical and Technological Strategy and Practice

Date Wednesday, Dec 6  Time   –    Room Schöneberg   Price: 95.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker David White

David White

University of the Arts London, UK


Using the changehack approach, successfully run in the UK for the last two years by Future Happens, a collaboration between two leading UK institutions (LSE and UAL), this experimental session is designed to collectively engage in changing the discourses around the role of technology in shaping institutional/faculty-wide pedagogical change. The hack will generate approaches to scaling the lessons and innovations that arise from grassroots practice into approaches that can be included in strategic thinking across disciplines, levels, cohorts and potentially across the entire institution.

This experimental session will outline how a changehack can scale pedagogical and institutional change. It will share the outcomes of the first Future Happens changehack from 2016, which involved over one hundred practitioners from across the globe. It will then provide you with the tools and the opportunity to be part of the conversation and not just in the room, running a crowd-led, mass changehack to shape how you can influence the critical voices in the institution to scale and embed change. This session will use the changehack approach to solve the wicked problems of leading institutional change from the centre, recognising the need for constructing and preparing for the unknown possible futures for higher education (Davis & Sumara, 2009).



Section 1 - Introduction/Burnt (laying your preconceptions down)
Section 2 - Hacks (Effectively position what we do as a core part of the institution.) Why is this going to make our institution more successful/deliver objectives/save my (the VCs) job? How do we demonstrate that what we do will position the organisation effectively? How do we make sure we stay in the conversation and not be relegated to simply providing services aligned with other people's strategies?
Section 3 - Bringing the conclusions together


Target audience

We are aiming this workshop at the widest possible and most inclusive audience we can. The power of the crowd comes from its capacity to support and learn through diversity. The more diverse voices in the room, the wider the vision and the better the solutions generated become. We would actively welcome everyone from educational and technological leaders, teachers, programme leaders, technologists and developers, students, vendors and cynics to be part of the changehack.


Prerequisite knowledge

None at all. Just an open mind to participate in a collective problem-solving workshop and an interest in sharing your experiences about being a part of transformative change (or your desire to do the same).



This workshop will challenge you to think about the ways you are able to influence your institution’s strategic direction and commitments to technology and learning and be a part of the conversation that shapes how they do it. Will you leave with all answers? We doubt it. Will you leave exhausted but informed? We think you will. Attendees will participate in a collective hack that draws on the power of the crowd to solve problems. Previous Future Happens hacks in the UK have collectively generated insightful, useful and pragmatic ways to bridge the discourses between the practices of learning technology and how they can be scaled up to be part of the institutional, faculty or school wide strategic approach to innovative pedagogy. Attendees will collectively own the outputs which will be shared globally as part of the Future Happens movement.