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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Pre-Conference Workshop M2

Tools and Tips for Secure Assessments

Date Wednesday, Dec 6  Time   –      Price: free of charge   Status: fully booked

OEB speaker Annette Peet

Annette Peet

SURF, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Jenny de Werk

Jenny de Werk

SURF, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Martin Romijn

Martin Romijn

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


With advances in digital assessment, institutions are more aware that the security of the assessment process is becoming ever more important. Much attention is paid to securing test administration, but is the construction and storage of the assessment items also secure? Is the printing process safe? The need for secure assessment goes beyond digital assessment alone, with lecturers generally making use of IT when preparing paper-based tests too. In order to support institutions in making the assessment process secure, SURFnet has been working with experts from various institutions of higher education to develop the secure assessment workbook.

In this workshop, we explain the basics of the workbook and we engage participants in working with examples of assessment in practice. In the session, we will also encourage participants to share and exchange knowledge on secure assessment.



9:30 Introduction
9:40 Some examples of common risky habits within institutions (interactive presentation)
10:00 The secure assessment workbook in a nutshell: 5 steps to a secure assessment process
10:20 Getting organized: initiator and owner of secure assessment process (discussion in groups)
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 A baseline for information security – what is the situation and policy within your institution?
(plenary presentation and discussion)
11:45 Screening the assessment process – what are high risk elements in the process? (discussion)
12:15 Gap analyses – possible measures –an example of practice in the Netherlands (presentation)
12:45 Define the five most important elements in a plan of approach (small groups)
13:15 Wrap-up
13:30 End of session


Target audience

Employees in higher education institutions who are involved in secure assessment, such as digital assessment for project managers, employees of the assessment office, assessment software administrators and security officers (CISOs).


Prerequisite knowledge

Participants must be familiar with the process and management of (digital) assessment within their institution and preferably fulfill a significant role within the institution when it comes to (digital) assessment.



Participants will understand how the workbook can support them to secure the full assessment process; they will understand the use of the workbook in the context of their own institution; they will gain insight in the necessary first steps to take.