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The global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 6 – 8, 2017

Panel Presentation Session IMP45

Implementation and Integration: Is Everyone On Board?

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –    Room Rook

How do educators experience the benefits and drawbacks of a new, valuable tool, platform or system that is in use at an institution-wide level? In this session we would like to discuss how we can assess perceptions and potential for "buy in". Join us and walk away with strategies and solutions that are key to ensuring successful adoption.


OEB speaker Nives Kreuh

Nives Kreuh

National Education Institute, Slovenia


OEB speaker Line Palle Andersen

Line Palle Andersen

Metropolitan University College, Denmark

How Does a New Digital Tool of Assessment Affect Teachers’ Feedback?

OEB speaker Phillip Bernard Rothwell

Phillip Bernard Rothwell

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

The Big Bang Theory - Implementing a new, large scale Virtual Learning Environment