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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Interactive Breakout Session ENG41

Gamification Strategies

What are the reasons we want to play – and stay motivated to keep playing? This session will present the reasoning behind the creation of a web and mobile application to improve engagement, as well as distill key lessons from Pokémon Go and how these can be used to create more motivating online and blended learning experiences. Once the scene is set, we will engage you as we aim to crowdsource principles for applying gamified learning in a fun and academic manner.

OEB speaker Tamara Powell

Tamara Powell

Kennesaw State University, USA

What Can We Learn from Pokémon Go? Adjusting the Game/Learning Experience to Support the Win

OEB speaker Anthony Newman

Anthony Newman

Purdue University, USA

Gamification of Learning: Turning Students into Friendly Red Lions