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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Tech Lab EDT16

Tech LAB: Measuring Social Media Impact

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –   

Social media offer invaluable tools to support dissemination and outreach in education. There are also a range of tools and services that can be used to monitor social media and discover ‘actionable insights’ to increase reach and impact. In this hands-on BYOD Lab you will hear how and why we can measure social media impact on Twitter. The Lab is designed to provide foundation knowledge to perform and present Twitter data analysis. It is also designed to inspire you to explore further innovative and practical solutions for the analysis of community engagement around named Twitter accounts and community hashtags. Unlike the majority of other analytics tools, the solutions you will learn about are all free to use. To get the most out of the Lab, you will require access to Google and Twitter accounts.

Seats for this session are limited. If you would like to participate, please make sure to sign up for it via MyOEB, the Conference app, after Wednesday, December 6. Please bring your own device to participate in this Tech Lab.

OEB speaker Martin Hawksey

Martin Hawksey

Association for Learning Technology, UK