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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Interactive Breakout Session EDT12

EdTech: Innovation in Uncertainty

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –    Room Chess

How are start-ups in the ever changing and dynamic education market successfully entering their market, addressing legal requirements around data privacy and protection, finding investors who understand the market, entering relevant partnerships and providing future thinking products, whilst still being relevant for their current users? In this session, we will look into some of the unique solutions these start-ups offer, in terms of the market needs they address and the uncertainties with which they are faced.


OEB speaker Beth Havinga

Beth Havinga

Connect EdTech, Germany


OEB speaker Norbert Morawetz

Norbert Morawetz

Potentially Ltd, UK

Creating and Managing Skills and Competency Development Online with the Platform

OEB speaker Kjartan Ólafsson

Kjartan Ólafsson

ErkiTónlist sf, Iceland

CalmusComposer - a Software for Music Creation and Modern Education in Composition

OEB speaker Bruno Koninckx

Bruno Koninckx

KnowledgeFlow, Belgium

How to Make Knowledge Usable on the Workfloor

OEB speaker David Kofoed Wind

David Kofoed Wind

Peergrade, Denmark

Scaffolding Peer Feedback with Feedback Rubrics

OEB speaker Vilborg Einarsdottir

Vilborg Einarsdottir

InfoMentor, Iceland

Why School Needs to Transform to Competence-based Learning

OEB speaker Adalheidur Hreinsdottir

Adalheidur Hreinsdottir

Costner, Iceland

Navigating the Sea of Innovations to Connect your Classroom to the Latest Learning Apps