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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Interactive Breakout Session CNT84

The Sustainable Development Goals: Connecting Their Meaning to Lived Experiences

Date Friday, Dec 8  Time   –   

This past September marked the two-year anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since their adoption, these aspirational international development targets attracted significant attention. Talks in this session will provide background on specific projects linked to the SDGs and the commitments that different countries, organisations and institutions have made - and could still consider to make.

Join us to hear about the difference that SDGs can make in our everyday lives, whether we are rich or poor, living in the North or in the South. Lend your voice to a discussion on furthering progress, the role of stakeholders and more.

OEB speaker Steven Vosloo

Steven Vosloo

UNESCO, France

Digital Design for Low-skilled and Low-literate People: Key Findings from a Landscape Review

OEB speaker Seynabou Fachinger

Seynabou Fachinger

GIZ, Germany

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