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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Interactive Breakout Session BUS69

Business EDUCA: Learning from Work with the 70:20:10 Performance Model

Date Friday, Dec 8  Time   –   

How can L&D become a real value creator? This session will help you with a deeper understanding of the 70:20:10 methodology and its impact on organisations that are using it. Many people think 70:20:10 is just an extension to traditional formal ILT and eLearning. It is far more than that. 70:20:10 isn’t a learning approach. It is a framework for organisational performance improvement that may include existing learning methods, but goes beyond learning to provide a structured methodology that has a measurable impact on business performance. You will leave this session with ideas for how 70:20:10 might work for your HR and L&D teams, and for your own organisation.

OEB speaker Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings

70:20:10 Institute, UK

OEB speaker Jos Arets

Jos Arets

70:20:10 Institute, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Vivian Heijnen

Vivian Heijnen

70:20:10 Institute, The Netherlands