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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Panel Presentation Session BUS26

Business EDUCA: Learning L&D Needs

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –    Room Schöneberg

Creating learning solutions which enable workforce development is no easy feat. And becoming an effective instructional designer will often require a degree, courses and field experience. This session will discuss the skills practitioners need for the L&D department of the future, as well as how we can learn the profession and remain relevant to our organisations.


OEB speaker Nicola Vollmar

Nicola Vollmar

Communications Plus, Germany


OEB speaker Eran Gal

Eran Gal

Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel

An Instructional Designer Training Program that Meets Organizational Needs

OEB speaker Maren Deepwell

Maren Deepwell

Association for Learning Technology, UK

Re-articulating What we Value: a New Vision for Learning Technology Professionals

OEB speaker Jo Cook

Jo Cook

Training Journal magazine and website, and media partner of OEB, UK

Taking the Uncertainty out of the Future Role of the L&D Professional