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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Interactive Breakout Session ACC13

Workforce Training and Professional Development for an Ageing Population

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –   

Although the importance of lifelong learning is increasing, along with the average age of workers in many societies as well, older workers may not participate in learning and development activities as much as younger workers. This session with opening keynote speaker Abigail Trafford aims to explore factors that may contribute to this age effect. Is it a decline in self-confidence for career-relevant learning and skill development with age? Or is ageism in organisational settings the cause of lower participation in workplace learning? Are there specific methods and tools for engagement available? Join this session and leave with ideas for managing the talent of older workers in your organisation or institution.

OEB speaker Abigail Trafford

Abigail Trafford

Author and Leader in the Movement to Fight Ageism, USA