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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Pre-Conference Workshop A6

DistancE-Learning in Europe - Exchange of Experience and Knowledge Sharing

Date Wednesday, Dec 6  Time   –      Price: free of charge   Status: fully booked

OEB speaker Michael Härtel

Michael Härtel

Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB), Germany

OEB speaker Tilman Zschiesche

Tilman Zschiesche

Forum DistancE-Learning (FDL), Germany

OEB speaker Jens Greefe

Jens Greefe

Forum DistancE-Learning FDL / European Association for Distance Learning EADL, Germany

OEB speaker John Trasler

John Trasler

European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), UK

OEB speaker Mark Endean

Mark Endean

The Open University, UK

OEB speaker Merle Losem

Merle Losem

Deutsche Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung (DGBB), Germany

OEB speaker Denis Schröder

Denis Schröder

Wikimedia Deutschland, Germany

OEB speaker Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider

Wikimedia Deutschland, Germany


Within the framework of OEB, the organizers of this Pre-Conference Workshop intend to create an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing for participants who offer programmes for lifelong learning and vocational education using distance learning methods. The intention is to establish an international forum enabling the participants to develop a position regarding the variety of technological developments for digital teaching and learning programs in the field of distance learning.



Moderator: John Trasler (EADL)
Distance learning in the UK, past, present and future
Mark Endean, Open University, UK
Trends & Technology: Impact on modern DistancE-Learning Environments
Merle Losem, Forum Distance Learning
Learn how to explain your idea in a 60 second explainer video!
Denis Schröder and Stefan Schneider, Wikimedia Deutschland


Target audience

This Pre-Conference Workshop is for Distance Education experts who want to expand their network and share their knowledge with others and for anyone who is interested in distance learning methods as well. The Pre-Conference is especially for those who work in the adult education business.


Prerequisite knowledge

Participants should be familiar with distance education and/or adult and vocational education.



  • Receiving knowledge of using audio and video units in distance learning programs
  • Gaining information about history and market conditions of the distance learning in the UK
  • Expanding networks and supporting the sharing of knowledge in Distance Education
  • Get together in an international framework.