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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Pre-Conference Workshop A3

Create your Own Collaborative Gamebook for Educational Purposes

Date Wednesday, Dec 6  Time   –      Price: 95.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker Willi Bernhard

Willi Bernhard

Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

OEB speaker Bodo Möslein-Troeppner

Bodo Möslein-Troeppner

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Ravensburg, Germany


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to “Collaborative Gamebooks,” which allow you to integrate “serious games” into your teaching in a completely new way.

A Collaborative Gamebook is an interactive game in which all elements of the game environment are created through components of story-telling (similar to a book) using the best imagination system we know today – our minds! The reader (learner) takes the role of the player, interacting with and influencing the story line.

From time to time, the player has to solve certain tasks in collaboration with other players in order to move forward. The actions in the game can be chosen by the learner individually. In this way, knowledge is acquired in a playful way. Direct, situational interactions require personal decisions. The digital game responds immediately and allows the player to experience a personalized learning path. Gamebooks enable learning in a playful environment with the challenge of teamwork and competition.

Participants in the workshop will experience how simple it is to create their own Gamebooks on various subjects and how easy it is to play them via an html-browser on any device. Participants will learn about the didactic model, which has been developed in order to support the teaching of specific knowledge. Participants will also use open source software, which generates the html-code as well as story-bricks, templates and available examples for the creation of collaborative Gamebooks during the workshop.



Part One: Introduction & demo on gamebooks, story plots, story elements and the use of the didactical model
Part Two: Design your own story, define & integrate learning goals as well as tasks, decisions and fun for your story
Part Three: Implement & transfer your story into a gamebook, let your gamebook run, show it to others


Target audience

Educators and teaching professionals who are interested in implementing serious games using gamebooks into their teaching and learning practices. Facilitators of serious games. Any people interested in the creation of a serious game are also welcome.


Prerequisite knowledge

This workshop is oriented toward a range of participants, including newcomers to game design. The goal is to give a hands-on experience on the creation of your own gamebook with insight on a technical, didactical and publishing level. Although we will work with software, no technical requirements are required.



At this Pre-Conference Workshop, you will experience what a collaborative gamebook is, how to create a good story and how to use the didactic model and its story-bricks in order to bring in your own teaching content into this serious game. Finally, we will work out a gamebook with open-source software and play it together.