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Every month, the OEBcast series brings you the latest news, views, trends and solutions from the world of technology-supported learning & training. Our digest of developments covers key topics in technology-assisted learning, helping you to keep up to date and ahead of colleagues and competitors.

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Coming up on September 16 at 13:00 CET: Building a Future-Proof Workforce: Linking Learning to Business Outcomes

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Join us as we explore how skills-based learning can impact your organisation and why prioritising learning during this time of unprecedented change is a strategic imperative. Learn how the pandemic has impacted the skills people focus on developing and how these skills are helping drive business forward. We will explore the key trends that will reshape the learning strategy for business leaders and how a skills-first learning strategy will deliver significant ROI for your business.

Valerie Focke, Coursera, Regional Director, Enterprise (EMEA)

Sandra Collin, Coursera, Account Executive (DACH)

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  • You will get a first look at the Industry Skills Report 2021 which is Coursera's flagship report showcasing the global/local skills trends which are driving business today and how DACH compares vs other leading nations across the globe.
  • You will have key examples of skills trends which are driving workforce strategy, how to drive linked business outcomes, raise employee productivity and how to drive ROI from the investments you make in your learning programmes.


  • Learning programmes
  • Workforce development
  • Reskill
  • Upskill

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