Using data to promote student success

Advertorial by OEB Silver Sponsor DXTERA INSTITUTESM   The DXtera Institute is a non-profit organisation that uses student data to promote student success rates in colleges and universities. The ... Read More

BRICS and mortarboards

This week in Around the World, the innovation that could bring computing within reach of the world’s poorest, and the innovator setting out to prove the case for online learning in Nigeria. News of an infrastru... Read More


Male chauvinism and pigs this week, with news of a deep-set bias in how Wikipedia is created and a game helping to reduce the health risks associated with swine (it's not Backgammon). Meanwhile, the US Government has been telling porky pies again, MOO(!)C ... Read More

Mine of mismanaged information

The mine housing some of the United States Office of Personnel Management There’s a bit of a sci-fi feel to Around the World this week. Automatic barmen and party-bots have both made the cut – as has the su... Read More

Antisocial networking

As MOOCs move into their second phase, the knives are coming out: questions have been raised about their effectiveness, their openness – and now, about ownership and copyright. News has also come in this week a... Read More

Give me a drone where the buffalo roam…

Stories from Ukraine have sobered the widespread adulation previously given by gushing journalists to social and communicative media since the revolutions in the Arab world. We previously reported on the text message sent to Ukrainian protestors, reading “Dear... Read More
by Mstislav Chernov

Blogging, bloating, and other stories…

It’s a series of upsides and downsides this week in Around the World, with stories of technology’s incredible ability to inspire, empower, annoy – and even oppress. In Kenya, an innovative app is providing eye ... Read More

Snow excuse for missing classes (and other stories)

Around the World returns to continue documenting all that’s new in 2014. And things are certainly hotting up across the globe; from Jamaica to Botswana, governments and innovators are driving online learning forward into the new year. Meanwhile in the USA, an ... Read More

Emotional Computers, and other stories

Online Learning is by nature a global endeavour. This week’s reports in Around the World show many of e-learning’s international applications – to aid development, promote unity and co-operation, and expand wor... Read More

Attack of the cyborg cockroaches, and other stories

While technology-supported learning is a worldwide movement, it takes on a dazzling variety of different forms everywhere it is practised, from the hi-tech parks of Singapore to the dank gap behind the fridge in an Australian home. Read on for stories about e-... Read More

The Around the World Hallowe’en special

from a 1931 exhibition at Berlin's Arbeiterschütz-Museum, teaching about correct body posture in daily life Ghost schools, zombie universities, skeletons and evil spirits: it’s all here this week in an extr... Read More

Educating Rigveda (and other stories)

Kenya and Nigeria are two of the crucibles of Africa’s tech revolution: yet the news from each of them this week presents a stark contrast. As do the findings of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills – good news for ... Read More