Snow excuse for missing classes (and other stories)

Around the World returns to continue documenting all that’s new in 2014. And things are certainly hotting up across the globe; from Jamaica to Botswana, governments and innovators are driving online learning forward into the new year. Meanwhile in the USA, an icy blast is showing just how effective e-learning can be…




EUROPE/WORLD: the annual list of the top ten e-learning movers and shakers is out – with ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN and eLearning Africa organiser Rebecca Stromeyer the number one in Europe, 7th in the world (INDUSTRY TODAY)


BOTSWANA: bitcoins continue to garner attention worldwide – too much attention perhaps, with wild speculation dramatically affecting the online currency’s stability. But one woman in Botswana believes that they could be exactly what her country needs (VICE)


USA: the polar vortex has immobilised much of the mid-West. But one school has managed to beat the impenetrable cold (BND)


TANZANIA: while e-learning tends ever more towards the massive, a Tanzanian provider is going in the opposite direction (VICE)


JAMAICA: the government has announced its intent to provide e-learning to all the “nooks and crannies” of the Caribbean island (JAMAICA OBSERVER)


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and in other news…


USA: the history of the MOOC may go back further than you think – all the way, in fact, to 70s cartoon character Captain Kangaroo (EDUCATION WEEK)

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