Emotional Computers, and other stories

Робот_(Киров,_Калужская_область)Online Learning is by nature a global endeavour. This week’s reports in Around the World show many of e-learning’s international applications – to aid development, promote unity and co-operation, and expand worldwide influence. This, plus the latest stories and opinions on MOOCs, and an innovative computer-game for kids – read on below…




MEDITERRANEAN: Tragedy in the waters off Lampedusa, Italy, and an upsurge in far-right protest against the sheltering of refugees show that the Mediterranean zone has become “important for the identity of all Europe”. But how can cash-strapped European governments influence the African shore? Soft power is one proposed solution – and e-learning a crucial component (ANSAMED)


UNITED STATES: the heady days of the MOOC are over, and cold hard reality is setting in. Faced with business models and “monetisation”, MOOC providers are discovering more and more reasons why a quality education remains an expensive affair… (THE CONVERSATION)


FRANCE: … but it’s not all doom and gloom for the Massive Open Online Course: French universities are being encouraged by the ministry to build up their online presence (CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION)


DUBAI: the emirate is one of the region’s leaders in terms of online learning. But with “bring your own device” programmes now in many schools, parents are starting to feel the strain (GULF NEWS)


ABU DHABI: We know e-learning has a multitude of uses. But can it really be used to help developing countries’ nuclear programmes? (THE NATIONAL)


and in other news…


UNITED STATES: a video game where players attempt to heal the rift between cats and dogs is attempting to teach children valuable social skills such as empathy, and the control of negative emotions (ALL TECH CONSIDERED)

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