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Speaker Requirements and Guidelines

To join us as a speaker at the 30th edition of Online Educa Berlin (November 27-29, 2024), make sure to submit your proposal by May 31, 2024.

We will let you know about the result of your submission at the very latest by the end of August. Please make sure that emails from are part of the “allow list” in your email programme, so that you do not miss any future messages.

Once your submission has been accepted, you will need to register as speaker at the reduced participation rate of 495 EUR excl. VAT, which includes the speakers’ reception, lunches, coffee breaks and materials. Kindly note that you will also need to ensure sufficient funding to cover your travel and accommodation costs.

Once your submission has been accepted, you will be asked to upload your photo and bio and review the presentation title and synopsis within our speaker system. This will allow us to include your contribution on the conference website and agenda.

Should you have any questions or difficulties submitting, you can always contact us at @email.

If you represent a commercial organisation which stands to gain from visibility with our audience, you can bypass the Call for Proposal selection process by booking a Thought Leadership package that includes a talk on the agenda. For more details, please contact @email.

  • May 31 Submission deadline
  • August 30 All submissions have been notified about the result
  • November 27 Pre-conference workshops take place
  • November 28 - 29 Parallel sessions take place

Meeting, Showing, Sharing, Discussing, Learning, Understanding, Creating, Producing....

What makes a proposal and conference contribution innovative and engaging? Here are some thoughts:

  • It is interactive – well-received sessions have deep learning objectives wrapped in an engaging and inviting package to encourage fellow participants to explore the topic.
  • It is topical and adaptable – to be broadly useful, proposals should fit with a wide range of learning programmes and be useful across sectors.
  • It is inspirational and thought-provoking – some proposals will be most interesting through case studies, and how easily they can be replicated by attendees in their own context.

In the submission form, you will be able to provide detailed information in the sections "synopsis", "participant benefits" and "take-aways". Evaluators and participants will rely on these details, so please be descriptive and outline:

  • How your proposal is relevant to the event themes, audience and purpose
  • How it will stimulate thinking and prompt discussion and debate
  • The challenge/problem it addresses and why this proves to be an innovative approach, method or solution
  • The outcomes from attending for your audience; information which will be most useful for participants in their working environments

The programme committee will provide guidelines and recommendations in respect to your proposal and the format in which it might be included in the agenda, in an effort to ensure sessions will be as interactive and practical as possible. Should you have a preferred OEB24 format or want to propose a new format, you will be able to outline that in the submission form.