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OEB speaker Geraldine Voost

Geraldine Voost

Global L&D Manager, Bronkhorst High-Tech, Netherlands

Geraldine Voost is a seasoned L&D professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. With a degree in Cognitive Science, she has a deep understanding of the intersection between psychology and computing science, which she has used throughout her career to design effective and engaging learning experiences.

Geraldine has held various roles within the L&D space, including trainer, instructional designer, e-learning developer, learning technology specialist, and L&D management. Her diverse experience has equipped her with the ability to understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing L&D departments of all sizes and types.

Currently, Geraldine is leading an AI strategy initiative at Bronkhorst High-Tech, where she is tasked with investigating and defining how AI can streamline daily operations and developing a long-term strategic approach for AI implementation. This role involves trend analysis, developing AI use cases, and creating a knowledge-sharing platform within the organization.

One of Geraldine's key strengths is her ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders across the organization. She understands the importance of collaborating closely with business leaders to ensure that L&D initiatives align with organizational goals and drive tangible results.

Geraldine is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights with others and is committed to helping L&D professionals at all levels succeed. She believes that by bridging the gap between theory and practice, L&D can create meaningful and lasting change within organizations.