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OEB speaker Jürgen Handke

Jürgen Handke

Linguist, Educator, Awardwinning Digital Learning and Teaching Pioneer, Germany

Jürgen Handke is a German Professor for English Linguistics and Web Technology. He retired from university in April 2020 but still conducts several teaching and learning projects. Together with his team, he runs the Virtual Linguistics Campus, the world's largest learning platform for content in English and general linguistics. His associated YouTube channel "Virtual Linguistics Campus" contains many hundreds of freely accessible self-produced teaching videos and is the largest of its kind.

Handke is the main German proponent of the Inverted Classroom Model, for which he was awarded the Hessian University Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2013 in the Mastery variant. In 2015, he received the Ars Legendi Award, the highest German teaching award for "Digital Teaching and Learning" from the German Donors' Association and the German Rectors' Conference.

In 2016, he won the German Adult Education Innovation Award with his refugee language course #DEU4ARAB, a MOOC with more than 3,100 participants, and his MOOC #FIT4Uni was awarded the national OER Award in the 'Higher Education' category in 2017. Since June 2017, he has been conducting the BMBF project H.E.A.R.T., which tests and evaluates the use of humanoid robots in university teaching. With the RoboPraX project, he was able to acquire another BMBF-funded project in 2019 that tests robots in school use and adapts them to the respective target groups. For this approach, he and his team received the "Science in Dialogue" award in 2019.

In 2020, he was a moderator/subject matter expert for the topic of "Digital Campus" as part of the structural planning for the planned Nuremberg University of Technology. In 2022, he took on the task of advisor for digital teaching at the Louisenlund Foundation.