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OEB speaker Nikitas Kastis

Nikitas Kastis

Researcher and Educational Policy Analyst, Mind2Innovate, Greece

Nikitas Kastis has a First Honours Degree in Engineering and a Ph.D. in Financial Management and Evaluation, with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

He has been Research Associate at the NTUA, Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Crete and Visiting Professor for Production Management & Decision Making at the Greek Air Force Academy. In 1992 he joined Lambrakis (Research) Foundation to lead its innovation programmes and actions, dealing with implementation and impact assessment and related to the evolution of the ICT-based applications in education and culture as well as with their validation for learning and for human capacity building.

He has managed a significant number of national and European research and innovation projects and studies, for the quality upgrade in school and post-secondary education and training, formal and informal as well as adults learning. Since 1999 and till 2016, he had served as the President of the BoD of the MENON Network, a European body (EEIG) contributing as a European learning and innovation think-tank.

Since 2016 he has founded an education & social policy consulting company, named Mind2Innovate, which is taking stock on the research and analysis legacy of the European MENON Network, continuing the policy and programme consulting work and supporting evidence-based policy making for education and other sectors of social-affairs policy making. He has also served, since 2016, as Chief Advisor to the University of Athens Distance Education Centre, the eLearning/Online Learning Programme. Dr N. Kastis had been a Member of the Executive Committee of EDEN and he is an EDEN Research Fellow. He had also been the Chair of its “Open Classroom” Working Group, from 2000 to 2008.

He has been and is currently participating to a number of education policy-making studies and learning innovation projects for the European Commission, national and international stakeholders.