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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

OEB speaker Patrick King

Patrick King

Insights Lead, Learning Solutions at LinkedIn, USA

I have held a wide range of data-oriented roles in tech, media and finance. Most of this work has been focused on building data products for non-technical users (external and internal). Currently, I lead our insights team for Learning Solutions at LinkedIn, working across sales, marketing, engineering, product and analytics to understand how we can use LinkedIn's unique dataset to provide value to our customers in the e-learning space.

I am passionate about coaching and empowering analysts to use data to inform decision-making and measure impact to ensure the right problems are being addressed. In this role and my past, I have used a variety of technical tools including: distributed file systems (Hadoop), Relational Databases (SQL), Python, unix/bash, web development and whatever else was needed to get the job done. I pride myself on being able to not only think "big picture" but also my ability to "get in the weeds".