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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Programme Formats

OEB's formats reflect the diverse ways in which the conference supports knowledge exchange for all education stakeholders.

Pre-Conference Workshops and Activities

Half and full-day workshops on Wednesday, Nov 27 offer an agenda filled with activities to develop practical skills and grow deep knowledge. As seats are limited, participants are required to sign up to them in advance.

Plenary Sessions

The Spotlight Stage Plenary, the Opening Plenary, OEB’s Annual Debate and Friday Plenaries feature world-class keynote speakers, setting the scene for the day and night!

OEB’s Spotlight Stage

Throughout the event, the Spotlight Stage brings a rolling programme with highlighted talks, interviews, debates and more. Pop in for a burst of left-field inspiration, entertainment and provocation!

Learning Cafés

These round-table interactive break-out sessions engage you with collaboration, peer-learning activities and discussions.

Panel Discussions

These sessions are organised collectively by a group of 2-5 speakers and a moderator to discuss a pertinent issue or topic. Each speaker presents his/her views after which time is dedicated for a lively and informative Q&A between panel and participants attending.

Knowledge Factories

The agendas of these workshops during the main event days offer practical activities, exercises and strategies for you to take back and implement in your organisation.

Unconference Sessions and Fishbowls

Quickly tap into your own source of wisdom in these sessions in which good ideas and conversation bubble up. Unconferences and Fishbowls are designed for active participation to spark synergy and building coherence among peers.

Panel Presentations

These sessions bring together 2-5 speakers from different backgrounds presenting for 15-20 minutes each on a common topic. An expert in the field chairs the panel and ensures the combination of single talks presents a unified learning goal.

Tech Labs

Hands-on, BYOD workshops are hosted by facilitator(s) who have designed specific exercises, guiding you to work with digital tools and/or free software.

Boardroom Dialogues

Topic-focused networking events encourage communities to connect around shared interests. Each Boardroom Dialogue is centered around a specific theme or community and led by one to two speakers introducing the topic and facilitating networking or focusing discussions.

Discovery Demos

Discovery demos show tools, next generation materials and pre-release products for learning and training. Five to ten discovery demo speakers are presenting simultaneously at standing tables, giving you a chance to interact on an informal, one-to-one basis with these developers and creators.

Free Exhibition Seminars

The exhibition area showcases leading industry suppliers and contains a programme of Free Seminars, covering the big issues affecting all learning professionals today.