The OEB Plenary Debate 2016

Always one of the highlights of OEB, the Plenary Debate is an opportunity for participants to discuss one of the most important issues of the day with our expert speakers. The parliamentary-style format encourages a lively exchange of views and allows plenty of time for audience participation.

Watch the full debate on this year's motion here.

This House believes artificial intelligence (AI) could, should and will replace teachers

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly ubiquitous and its use in applications in education and training becomes more commonplace, OEB`s expert speakers consider just how far AI can go. Could intelligent machines really replace teachers? Should they? Would AI or a robot do a better job? What would be the effect on learning and learners? If AI could do a better job than teachers, should it be allowed to? Or is there something fundamental about teaching that requires human interaction? And, if robots are already beginning to replace other professions, will teachers be replaced too?

OEB speaker Christoph Benzmüller

Christoph Benzmüller

Freie Universität Berlin & Heisenberg Research Fellow of the DFG, Germany

OEB speaker Donald Clark

Donald Clark

Plan B Learning, UK

OEB speaker Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen

Author and salonFutureCast, USA

OEB speaker Nell Watson

Nell Watson

Founder of Poikos, Belgium